Thank you for visiting! I am very glad that you are here. There are generally two ways to get a mortgage in Canada: From a bank or from a licensed mortgage professional.

Whether you're purchasing a home for the first time, taking out equity from your home for investment or pleasure, or your current mortgage is simply up for renewal, it's important that you are making an educated buying decision with professional unbiased advice.

My goal is to help you as much as possible. And if you need to get a mortgage within 6 months or need to renew, please email me directly.

 Initial planning of your mortgage

 In order to assist you in your mortgage qualification, here are some calculators below that will assist you in determining your purchase price and whether you can afford the monthly payments. 

Just choose the numbers for you below and you will see the maximum purchase price you can afford.

Note: If ever you have non mortgage debts that you need to clear be paid out before you can get a mortgage, please let me know.... Clearing your debt load or some unnecessary expenses will help you qualifying to purchase the home you want).

 What is the maximum purchase price can you afford?


How much payments can you afford monthly

Now that you know your maximum purchase price, let's see how much it will be per month. The purpose of this is to find out whether you can afford the mortgage payments.

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Special for you if you are 55+ years... May be your parents need to read this too...

Now that you are in your golden years, you are at a time in life where you are either:

1) Enjoying the golden days…. Ah, so nice…OR

2) Have financial and health problem.


So I’m wondering…

1) Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the money to do more of the things you have been wanting to do?

2) Would having some extra cash flow be useful for you?

3) Would you like to stay comfortably at home where you have so much to treasure

4) May be get homecare assistance for your everyday activities

5) Would you like to do some home renovations?

6) Finally get Life Insurance you thought you couldn't get...

7) Be able to pay for your children’s wedding..

8) Pay for their university education..?

9) How about to finally enjoy life and go for that trip you’ve been wanting….  And travel….

10) Most of us want to have a cushion & top up some money for rainy days

11) Pay less taxes

12) Let your investments grow & not deplete them as much...

The thing is when you are getting to retirement age, your income is going to be less.

After all these years, you have been working & you now desire to enjoy the fruits of your hard labour & you look forward to it…

The reality is, we all know our pension is going to be much less. With the government into so much debt, we all know what pension money is not going to be so rose.

And your investments. Your company pension plan, or our RRSP or RRIF ac. All these were invested on the stock market and since the crash, they have not recovered as much.

So you lost too much already...

I know this because I have lost a lot myself and so did most of us.

So now that you are in retirement, what should you do?

Well if you have a house, I know the perfect solution for you, so you can finally start living debt free….

Now consider having a mortgage company making  payments to you now...


So what is it?

A CHIP Reverse Mortgage could be just what you need. It’s the simple and sensible way to unlock the value in your home and turn it into cash to help you enjoy life on your terms.

Let your mortgage pay you. Unlike a traditional mortgage in which you make regular payments to someone else, a reverse mortgage pays you.

Receive money tax-free: It is not added to your taxable income so it doesn’t affect Old Age Security (OAS) or Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) government benefits you may receive.

You can use the money any way you wish. Maybe you want to build up your savings or cover unexpected expenses. Perhaps you want to update your home or help your family without depleting your current savings. The only condition is that any outstanding loans secured by your home must be retired with the proceeds from your CHIP Reverse Mortgage.

No more sleepless nights…No more worry about where to get the cash to pay. There are No mortgage payments. Zero. So you or your spouse can live in your home for free.

Move when you want. Maintain ownership and control of your home. You will never be asked to move or sell to repay your CHIP Reverse Mortgage. All that’s required is that you maintain your property and stay up-to-date with property taxes, fire insurance and condominium or maintenance fees while you live there.

Living Interest Free and Tax Free, even if you are 90 years old!. While you are living in the house, you get to stay without paying any interest. The income you get from your house, is tax free…

Just pay back, when you stop living there. Like any other type of mortgage, the full amount only becomes due when you move out and sell your house.

Keep or give all the remaining equity in your home. In many years of experience, 99 out of a 100 homeowners have money left over when their CHIP Reverse Mortgage is repaid. And on average, the amount left over is 50% of the value of the home when it is sold.




How does it work?

A CHIP Reverse Mortgage is secured by the equity in your home. Unlike a traditional mortgage in which you make regular payments to someone else, a reverse mortgage pays you.

The big advantage with the CHIP Reverse Mortgage is that you do not have to make any payments – principal or interest – for as long as you or your spouse live in your home. That’s what has made reverse mortgages such a popular solution in Canada, the U.K., the U.S., Australia and other countries.

The CHIP Reverse Mortgage is designed exclusively for homeowners age 55 and older. This age qualification applies to both you and your spouse.

You can receive up to 50% of the value of your home. The specific amount is based on your age and that of your spouse, the location and type of home you have, and your home’s current appraised value.

You can choose how you want to receive the money. CHIP gives you the option of receiving all the money you’re eligible for in one lump sum advance, or you can take some now and more later, or you can receive planned advances over a set period of time.

Money can be received as a lump sum, or over time or combination

* No medical requirements*

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