Nathalie & I met at a real estate conference. During this time, I was attempting to secure a mortgage from a bank, to start up my real estate business. But because I am retired, I was not approved.

I approached Nathalie, to see if the possibility existed that I could borrow from a private lender. She assured me that I could and was able to secure a mortgage for more money than I was seeking, at an acceptable interest rate.

It was a pleasure working with Nathalie. I found her knowledgeable in all aspects of money lending. She was patient, and kind. She explained all about the process of borrowing, what types of interest rate to expect and so forth.

Because she was so thorough, I was well prepared and had all my information needed. From there, everything went smoothly. Absolutely no hiccups. No confusion.

Thanks Nathalie!

If any of my friends need money, I will certainly recommend your services.


Agatha A.

We first met Nathalie quite by chance late last year at a Christmas dinner function for small business owners.

We were looking to get financing to purchase a duplex rental property of which we were already part owners.

Nathalie was very enthusiastic and spoke to us very knowledgeably and with a very positive frame of mind. Our situation was more difficult than most as:

i) I was self-employed with a relatively low income.

ii) I was behind in filing my own and my wife’s income tax returns by about 3 years.

iii) we had a line-of-credit plus credit card debt which needed to be paid off.

On the plus side, however, we owned two other residential properties at the time- our own home which we purchased 8 years ago along with another rental property which we had purchased just over 20 years ago. We stayed in touch over the holidays and in early January. Nathalie put me in touch with an excellent accountant who was able to work with me in getting my tax filing up-to-date.

In late January, the house adjacent to where we were living came up for sale quite unexpectedly. Our house is a semi-detached and we had often speculated on the benefits of owning both halves of the building. We met the realtor who had listed it and had a brief look around. I emailed Nathalie immediately explaining the aituation and was there any way that we would have the equity in our existing properties to purchase both the next-door property and the duplex property further north.

Nathalie cautiously assured me it could be done and she began scouting around for viable lenders. As with most real estate dealings, the next 8 weeks was a bit of a rollercoaster ride.

On top of that, we learnt from our lawyer that we were not allowed to “buy” an adjacent property in our name again. Nathalie quickly spoke to our lawyer on the by-laws as we had make an offer. After phone calls throughout the days, we were successful in obtaining re-financing of our two existing properties and we successfully purchased the adjacent property. This involved the re-financing of our existing properties- paying off ALL the outstanding debt and putting aside additional money from the re-financing to be put towards the purchase of the duplex further north.

It was a bit stressful at times, but we did it. Our success has been in large part due to Nathalie’s skill, enthusiasm and persistence. We continue to work with Nathalie. We value her advice and would highly recommend her to any prospective investor.


Peter & Darlene

Here is the #1 of the best mortgage broker I know – personable, dedicated and ONE of a kind! Anyone who is self-employed, newly immigrated, recently divorced or in a cash business in Ontario, try connecting with Nathalie. You will be most impressed (and she can even handle business leasing, business loans, etc. for franchises, etc.)

Larry W, Insurance & Risk Manager Expert

Specialize in: Multi unit, businesses, & various liabilities

I first met Nathalie a couple of months ago, at an investment show for real estate. Nathalie & I had a chance to sit down & talk a little bit about what she does. She explained to me about the mortgage brokering services that she offers, & some of the more creative investment financing solutions that she had at her disposal. So after sitting with her & talking a little bit about my financial situation & my mortgage situation. She listened quite intently. She was very opened & honest & direct & very friendly, very knowledgeable. She spoke a lot about what was within my reach, what possibilities there were financially speaking, she educated me about the process. Even taught me a few things that I didn’t quite know were even possible.

So the end result, she was able to obtain a remortgaging, at a much better interest rate & much better terms than before. And ended up saving couple of $100’s a MONTH & eliminated a lot of unnecessary financing that was complicating my life, really weighing me down, making a heavy burden on my life & my wife.

And so the end result is a happier, lighter, care free financing which makes life easier. We are able to sleep better at night. Thank you Nathalie for that.

Our financial future looks much brighter now, than it did before.

So many possibilities are are within our reach than before, thanks to your careful guidance & the solutions that you offered.

For any of you out there, that are looking to obtain a mortgage broker, I highly recommend Nathalie. As I mentioned, she is very opened, honest, & direct & if you need a kick in the pants, so to speak, & getting off your butt to take action & to do what’s good for you, she will also do that for you, in a very good way, very positive & supportive & building

So Nathalie, my family, my wife & I, thank you very much for all the help you have given us. And for those of you again who are looking for a good mortgage broker, please look up with Nathalie Ng.

Give her a chance, sit down & have a talk with her & see for yourself. You will find you will be presently surprised.

Until then, take care!