Nathalie & I met at a real estate conference. During this time, I was attempting to secure a mortgage from a bank, to start up my real estate business. But because I am retired, I was not approved.

I approached Nathalie, to see if the possibility existed that I could borrow from a private lender. She assured me that I could and was able to secure a mortgage for more money than I was seeking, at an acceptable interest rate.

It was a pleasure working with Nathalie. I found her knowledgeable in all aspects of money lending. She was patient, and kind. She explained all about the process of borrowing, what types of interest rate to expect and so forth.

Because she was so thorough, I was well prepared and had all my information needed. From there, everything went smoothly. Absolutely no hiccups. No confusion.

Thanks Nathalie!

If any of my friends need money, I will certainly recommend your services.


Agatha A.